Lake Alqueva, with a valuable natural, scenic and cultural heritage, has privileged conditions for the practice and development of nautical activities associated with tourism and sport.

The Moura-Alqueva Nautical Station, coordinated by the Moura City Council, has a partnership with public and private entities and privileges the participation in regional and national actions of the Portuguese Nautical Stations network and the cooperation with local and regional actors in the design of products that symbolize the nautical activity in the region.


Município de Moura

Moura, Alentejo, Portugal

Nelson Bartolo

+351 285 251 375

Momentos Fantásticos, Lda Alentejobreak

  • Canoeing
  • Ski and Wakeboard
  • Stand Up Paddle

  Francisco Guerreiro | +351 965560613

Alqueva Tours

  • Boat Trips

  Manuela Martins | +351 918937494

Alqueva Nature Fishing

  • Sport Fishing

  António Miguel Ramos | +351 916858201

Regata Odiana
  Grupo União Safarense
  João Vidigal | +351 918717444

Regatta SB20 Alqueva
  Câmara Municipal de Moura
  Nelson Bartolo | +351 285250400

Observatory Dark Sky Alqueva

  Associação Dark Sky® Alqueva
  Apolónia Rodrigues | +351 913103540

Observatory Lago Alqueva

  Observatório do Lago Alqueva
  Nelson Nunes | +351 962293065 |

Trail Cidade de Moura

  Casa do Benfica em Moura
  André Gonçalves | +351 963470874
  Francisco Botelho | +351 965571865
  João Bartolo | +351 912658700